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Welcome to our Homeway Properties


HOMEWAY PROPERTIES is a professional real estate transaction and development firm with its headquarters in SHENCOTTAH, Powered by a set of motivated and seasoned professionals from the real estate sector, HOMEWAY PROPERTIES is destined to establish itself as a reputable, dynamic, fast-growing and innovative real estate enterprise in the region. HOMEWAY PROPERTIES brand image is that of constant innovation, trustworthiness, value and service. What this means is that we always strive to provide unique and effective real estate solutions to our clients and customers. HOMEWAY PROPERTIES prides itself on being a result oriented company.

Our Projects

The Story So Far


Our Mission

Long term sustainable value creation for customers and clients through quality, commitment and passion.


Our Vision

To be the most outstanding and innovative real estate enterprise in the region.


In today's networked world where one is connected to family,friends,office,music,movies and entertainment 24/7 virtually through the World Wide Web,real world connections are equally important.You need the comfort,reassurance and convenience of being in close proximity to life,with real access and real connections-to where you work and shop,to entertainment and medical care for your family and to education for your children.In addition you need the sense of well-being that comes from community living and a supportive environment.

A world of connected living where you are at the centre of everything and where everything revolves around you!

Connected to the city At the centre of your world...