Opp to SETC Bus Depot, Shencottai - 627 809,
Tamilnadu, South India.

Farmland In Courtallam


Property Investment can never become SMARTER & SAFER than this Assured Reasons!

Key features of the property:

  • Investment value will be ₹ 850 approx (INR) per sq.ft
  • Each farm plot will be 9,100 sq.ft (21 cents)
  • Expected market appreciation – 200% in 4 years
  • On the road property
  • Just 1 km from the Main falls, 5km from Five falls and 5km from Old Courtallam falls
  • Nearby tourism projects – Resorts, Waterfalls and dams, Amusement sites (off road-drive and Trekking), Sports etc.

Smart ways we propose to invest in our Courtallam Farmland Property:

1. FREE TO BUY - Buy farm plots now at ₹ 850 (INR )per sq.ft and build a house or commercial cottage in it as per your convenience.

2. LIFESTYLE CHANGES - Breathe the fresh air in Courtallam. Be energized by the surrounding greenery and hills. Get refreshed by the herbal waters of the falls. Be part of a community that is seeking a healthy, serene and harmonious lifestyle. The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

3. SALE & LEASEBACK - Buy farm plots and invest min of ₹ 25 Lakhs (INR) towards construction.Will make a lease agreement with the investor and you can enjoy the rental income 10% per annum at the cost of the building investment. The asset is yours and the lease will be backed by a legal agreement. The agreement for lease will be for 3 years and it is immutable.

  • 10% Annual Return
  • Permanent Issueless Income
  • Future Appreciation on Land with ROI 25% per (max) annum
  • Fully Secured Locality